Pics of Charlotte Casiraghi's classique - fake or rare one?

  1. I found these pics of Charlotte Casarighi (who I think is beautiful) with what looks like a Balenciaga but it has no loop or studs at either end?Is it fake? It looks so slouchy though!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Isn't this the backside of the First?
    Edit: the strap isn't really attached to the ends?
    I haven't seen a First like this, sorry no help here.

    I also think she's beautiful.
  4. Isn't there like a loop thing though?
  5. the proportions look really odd, so maybe it is one of the first ones? the handles are really long...

    i agree, she's gorgeous to the max.
  6. It may be authentic but it's bizarre that either she removed the shoulder strap attachments or they came off... Her friend seems to have a fake bbag ... square bales?
  7. I just wouldn't have imagined her with a fake
  8. I think they have been taken off - if you look closely at the second photo you can see a very small hole in the top end of the bag where the strap attachment stud would have been. She has then just put the strap onto the handles.

    I think its a first.
  9. Why would you do that?!