Pics of a pressie I bought!

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  1. Just wanted to share with you guys the present I bought earlier today for my boyfriend's birthday.. It's the bequia leather pocket organizer.. I wanted the wallet so badly but they aren't taking it in anymore :crybaby: I almost bought the Utah wallet but held back and went to another LV store and saw this! I think I'm gonna get him something else to go with this.. what do you guys think about it? :smile:
    PB120019.JPG PB120007.JPG PB120014.JPG
  2. Very nice. Your boyfriend is going to love it.
  3. thanks ;)
  4. Its CUTE!!
  5. I like that ALOT!!! He should LVOE it!
  6. Love It
  7. heehee yep i love it myself ! thanks guysss :smile:
  8. nice. I am sure he will love it.
  9. Super cute ! :yes:
  10. very nice, I'm sure he will LOVE it!!
  11. Love It!!!!
  12. *touched* thank you for all the lovely comments!! i took quite long to decide whether to get it or not .. i have no regrets now :yahoo:
  13. it's gorgeous
    you are such a sweet girlfriend!
  14. Sweetie, i think he'll love it. it's very nice.
  15. very nice...I like it. I bet your bf will too.