Pics of 5-chain Chanel Flap??? Anyone

  1. HI everyone! I am looking at a bag to buy that is a chanel flap with 5 chains. I love this bag and already missed an auction for the same bag in another color so I really wanna get this one, but I have questions about the straps. I don't know if they should look the way they do or if the sides should be more finished. I would also like to know if this bag is comfortable to carry from anyone who has one. Thank you so much! I love you guys :~)

    Here are the pictures I have:

    Please help! :sos:
  2. i've never seen this bag IRL but would all 5 chains stay comfortably on your shoulder?
  3. from the other auction I saw with the bag in another color, it looked as if they were connected at one point in the middle so that they wouldn't be all scattered but it's really hard to tell. I'm trying my best to find someone who actually owns one! The pictures don't show up on the other auction now...I was going to post so you could see it. She had so many more pictures.