PICS natural Twiggy. BNY got them in!!!

  1. [​IMG]

  2. That looks so pretty! I always love the color on my computer, but was underwhelmed w/my natural city so returned it. Maybe the twiggys are from a different dye lot? Looks great! Very tempting....
  3. Pretty! Does it somewhat resemble taupe?
  4. Oh this does look much nicer than what I saw in the past it seems to have more depth to it!
    Actually looks like greige with 88% beige.
  5. My thought exactly!
  6. Oh my gosh! That looks BEAUTIFUL... Thanks for posting the pic, powder!
  7. Powder, your sales associate is the bomb! She sends those e-mails as soon as the bag comes in! I love the color in the twiggy. Looks great!
  8. Wow really nice.
  9. 0o0o thats a nice colour! Thanks for sharing PP
  10. thanks for sharing!
  11. Oh wow it's so pretty I love it!!!
  12. thanks for the pic! very nice color but i'm waiting for the anthracite and periwinkle to come in!
  13. I've been really wanting to get a natural office. But my best friend just got a natural weekender, and the color isn't as rich as's a bit lighter. Yours is THE color I've been dying for, but I guess there is variation?
  14. Great pictures--really nice color!!! Thank you for posting!
  15. LOOOOOOOOVE IT!! The leather on the Natural bags has been so gorgeous and has practically zero distressing (mine only has it on the bottom). I want it in a Twiggy too!!!!!!!