PICS from the SF get together today

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  1. This afternoon I met up with doubtfulguest and NWpurselover for a little trip to Bottega Veneta San Francisco. We lingered for a long time, looking at a variety of different things, and finally I purchased my new Pyramid hobo in Noce!!! I LOVE it. I was considering Moro, but found it to be too similar to Ebano, and the Noce is just lovely and gorgeous in this shape. You all have to check out this bag.

    Sorry if some of the pics were a bit blurry; I did not use my flash.

    Me holding the Pyramid

    Blurry through the handle shot

    Veneta in camel, Pyramids in moro and noce

    Stack o' BV bags

    One campana and a pile of Venetas
  2. It was so great to meet some other BV fans. I loved seeing all of our bags piled up on the counter mixed in with the new stock. I had thought I was content with what I have but now I see a red something in my future!
    Your new noce bag is so beautiful and looks perfect on you.
  3. It was a pleasure meeting you too! It's fun to meet people who share my l'il hobby. The weather was perfect too, it really was a lovely afternoon. You need to put that red veneta on your wish list!

    Me, I am cut off *indefinitely* :sad: Worth it though, I am in love with my current collection. Two BVs is enough for me for now.
  4. Almost forgot to identify the bags in this pic:

    L-R : jane's ebano campana, store's green veneta, doubtfulguest's ebano veneta, NWpurselover's magnolia veneta, store's carmino (large) veneta.


  5. Hi. I am new to BV. I usually linger around the Balenciaga forum, but the title of this thread brought me here. I'm in SF Bay Area also. Just curious, is NWpurselover's magnolia veneta still available in stores? I totally :heart: the shape and color. I thought i saw something like this in light pink?

    Anyway, help is totally appreciated. TIA.
  6. Oh my gosh, you guys, what a wonderful day you must have had! I LOVE the pyramid bag, Jane -- the shape and color are just perfect, and it suits you really well! I think you made the absolute right choice for color! The red veneta is amazing too -- how fun, mixing all your bags with new store stock. Congratulations, and thanks so much for posting! Made me wish I lived in NorCal!
  7. congrats on your noce pyramid, jane, it's beautiful!!

    sounds (and looks) like you ladies had a fantastic time. those pics of BV piles are such eye candy, thanks!!

    *sigh* I'm more and more in love with ebano campana...:love:
  8. That is true beauty, I wish I could pat them all. The white is my favorite, so scrumptious!
  9. What a lovely day you guys had! Jane, that noce pyramid is gorgeous!! Such a nice addition to your ebano campana.
  10. Gorgeous bags!
  11. I think I need to liberate that carmino Veneta from the bright lights of the store! It would be happier with me, wouldn't it?
  12. I think the carmino veneta should go home with you hovercraftier since I couldn't buy her myself.
  13. Congrats on your new Pyramid bag, jane, it looks super yummy in Noce! :yahoo:

    NWpurselover, your Magnolia Veneta made my heart skip a beat! :p

    P/s so jealous that you ladies got to meet up and shop for new BV bags together!
  14. OOhhh, Jane, I'm soo happy for you!! The new Pyramid, and most importantly, YOUR new Noce Pyramid, is gorgeous! :woohoo: You're going to love Noce, it's a wonderful year-round color.

    I regret not being to join you ladies, but it was too much to pull off for me today. At these times I wished I lived in SF so I could've just "popped in" and wouldn't have had the added commute. :sad:

    On the other hand, not sure if I would've had the proper will power to resist the new beauties!

    hovercraftier - Yes, :sneaky:, get over there and rescue that poor bag!
  15. I love this shot of BV bags. Magnificent. There's something so yummy-licious about the different colours being together.

    So nice to hear a great day out for you guys. Congrats Jane on your new Noce addition. More action pics pls!