Pics from Hermes Broad Street store opening and after party

  1. I didn't take them but I thought it would be fun to browse through the shots. Sorry, but the pics can't be enlarged without subscribing to this service, but you can get a general idea of the party. The Roederer didn't stop flowing, the oysters appeared on ice as soon as they were snatched up, and the pastry room was designed after a scene from "Alice in Wonderland". Entertainment included the requisite horse heads on stilts, tap dancers and DJ with a revolving stage. So "Cheers!" to the new Hermes store on Broad Street.
  2. Thank you for posting that HG! Wish I could have been there!!!
  3. Love the pics thank you HG!
  4. Awesome! Thanks.
  5. Me Too!!!
  6. Me too !! Thanks for posting the link!
  7. Oh, great! More pics. What you can't appreciate from the pictures is how beautifully done the Cunard Building was. They were going for a whimsical "Alice in Wonderland" theme with foliage and chair sized mushrooms. Around the rotating stage were bales of hay for the guests to sit.
  8. That looks awesome. I bet you looked beautiful too.
  9. Wow, wonderful pics.

    But the guy in the horse head is kinda freaking me out a little :blink:
  10. Oh, I would like to add that the waiters were DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I mean REALLY BEAUTIFUL men! My "date" and I were checking them out all night long.:roflmfao:
  11. What kind of dress did you wear? What kind of bag did you carry?
  12. Black Armani dress with Medor clutch.
  13. Thanks for posting these great photos!
  14. To Hermes Groupie:

    It was great. I was there. I got a special invite for the President. 2 Kel's and 1 Birkin FREE!!