Pics from Harpers - including of one of the holiday line!

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  1. I received my copy of Harper's Bazaar a couple of days ago and have been meaning to post this pics. The best one is of a holiday line bag with SH. ICB mentioned different fabrics being used, and it looks like this is the wool one. It's priced at $945.

    The second pic isn't good at all - I have no idea what it is and the price isn't listed either.

    The third pic, again I have no idea what it is. It's priced at $995. I thought it was cute.

    Click for bigger pics.
    wooly bag.jpg

    unclear bag.jpg

    mirror bag.jpg
  2. Omigosh...I LOVE the LONG STRAP on that bag!!! Any chance they will have an all-leather bag w/that strap!?!?
  3. The first bag looks like I could use it as a pillow to take a nap on. I'm intrigued by the second bag, wish the photo showed more.
  4. i got that issue too...
    in the back, it says the price of the bag in pic #2 is $1295...
    i thought it was the lune at first, because you can see the handles draped down with the rings in them...
  5. the gloves she's wearing in pic #2 are crazy, but cool. that 3rd pic looks like the top is a mirror that is swiveled up, like it could be the top of a clutch bag?? weird long strap, but could be cool for going out :confused1:
  6.! I looovee that first bag! I can't wait to see more especially in tweed, i'm definitely getting one of those, so fab!!
  7. :wtf: Wow the first one looks like a courier or something, but it is so very fuzzy! I'm not sure I like it, but sometimes stuff looks better IRL?

    Thanks for the pics, I'm quite excited about the holiday collection. Looks like they have a lot of great new pieces up their sleeves.
  8. The first pic looks more like tufted wool...the photos shown at the trunk show was more plain wool. And is she using that as a muff? That would be too cute

    Pic #2 is the Lune bag - which comes in different sizes
  9. EEEEEEE I want one!
  10. Interesting bag....but not my style...thanks for posting this~
  11. :nuts: what is the 3rd pic? is that a lune bag too???

  12. totally agree!!!:yes::yes::yes: its looks fabulous!
  13. Thanks for posting. Love the long strap in the first pic but no likey the bag at all. It looks like a throw pillow for the bed or sofa..:confused1:
  14. This is funny. I have almost finished this magazine, but haven't yet gotten to this picture. Thanks for posting--I'll know to be on the look-out for it. I always look for Balenciaga in HB.
  15. Forget the bags, I want the little blazer in the first pic! :love:

    I'm interested to see a clearer shot of the Lune, as well... Thanks for the scans!