Pics from BalNY of new Giant Hobo

  1. Daisy from BalNY sent me pics of it in Cafe, Truffe and Aquamarine. They haven't gotten it in Sandstone yet. She is 5'2":

  2. :heart: :drool: :heart: OMG ! now i know for sure ....aquamarine is my new love ! :heart: :drool: :heart:
  3. WOW the aqua looks great with the GH.
  4. That is a great pic of the aqua. It looks like a very vibrant color to me. :yes:
  5. Ditto, everyone! I am REALLY digging that Aquamarine like anything... Too bad, they don't have it in the coin purse, yet! :sad:

    Thanks, for the photos, shu!
  6. Great pics thanks the café or hobo day hmmmmmm???
  7. Barney's Chicago had the aqua coin purse last week.
  8. I love the shoulder drop of that bag!!!
  9. Thanks for the great photos. I really love this style, and that aquamarine looks amazing! I think it looks great with GH but for myself, would prefer if they would do it with regular hardware.
  10. OMG! Aquamarine looks great. I realy love this color.
  11. i really love the hobo style, but i am still not loving the GH, but maybe if i get one, i'll learn to love it. but the hobo is a great style, and aqua..such a pretty color.
  12. I agree ladies, the aquamarine is really stunning. I'm loving the drop on this as well. I really had wanted to see it in Sandstone but no luck yet. I'm so glad Daisy was my really helps me to see that this bag won't look like too huge on me!
  13. Aquamarine is amazing-I think I'm off to get a coin purse!
  14. The Aqua/Cobalt Coin Purse is also available at Barneys NY/Chestnut Hill (MA)
  15. The Aquamarine Hobo is my next bag! After seeing these pics...I am speechless!:nuts: :wtf: I am a lover of the GH but it looks really good on the hobo. Thanks for posting such great pics!