PICS! Finally took some!

  1. Hi all!

    In the summer I had gotten a new agenda and I FINALLY took a few pics. I am way to lazy and incapable to take pics on a camera then upload them on the comp, so I lifted my Mac up and around in order to take was quite a task! lol

    First is a pic of my zipper globetrotter agenda

    Then an attempt at a pic of my globetrotter and ulysses

    and Lastly, my first Scarf!! I got it while in Vegas...I love it but still haven't got the hang of how to tie it in all those neat ways I see you ladies wear your scarves.

    Hope you guys like the pics!
    Photo 186.jpg Photo 187.jpg Photo 189.jpg Photo 185.jpg
  2. AND now the scarf!
    Photo 190.jpg Photo 191.jpg Photo 192.jpg Photo 195.jpg Photo 188.jpg
  3. Great pics!! Love your goodies - just keep checking the scarf threads for good ideas on tying - it's not easy but some ideas are easier! good luck..
  4. Guccigirl2000... wow your globetrotter is gorgeous lovelove the color and you will enjoy it so much and your scarf is gorgeous and what a beautiful lady you are.
  5. Lovely!!! You look great. Congrats on your goodies:yahoo:
  6. Thankyou all so much! I just had my my hair and makeup done for grad pics today, so I don't usually look this good lol! I think I will have to spend some time scanning the scarf threads and find some styles I can practice with.
  7. this thread is freaking me out. I thought I saw my name instead of yours! I was like when did I buy a wallet!>!>

  8. I thought it was you, too! Was confused for a sec by the pics :lol:

    That scarf looks great on you, guccigirl!!
  9. lovely H loot! you look stunning with your new scarf! congrats!
  10. The new scarf looks so pretty with your coloring!! Love it!

    that globetrotter is giving me a bit of a naughty thought, it looks so yummy in that color....hmmmmmmm
  11. guccigirl2000, congrats!! Everything is gorgeous! :smile:
  12. you look lovely! and love the agenda too
  13. Congrats on the agenda and the scarf!! I love both pieces, but especially the scarf. I hadn't seen a good photo of that colorway in the Guepards before, and now I want it too! Gorgeous. Looks great on you as well. :tup:

    I got confused with the GucciGal/GucciGirl thing too! Glad I'm not the only one, LOL.
  14. Beautiful, Guccigirl2000! Your scarf looks amazing on you and the agenda is a perfect touch of gorgeous H green! (Is it Vert Anis?)
  15. Gosh, I though it was you too guccigal until I saw the pic.

    Guccigirl2000, congratulations!! Lovely goodies, you look gorgeous!