1. Does anyone know what is the largest size the Picotin comes in? I saw a beautiful pink picotin but it was small. I can't decide if I want the Evelyne or Picotin.
  2. I believe the picotin GM is about 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall (not including the handles).
  3. Thats my dilemma also, I want either the Picotin or Evelyne (well, I really want both...). The smaller one is about 7 x 7" I think...way small, but so cute.
  4. My two H bags are a Evelyne and a Picotin. If I *had* to choose one I'd go with the Evelyne because I find the shoulder/messenger style so comfortable. But the Picotin is so cute and versatile and fun to accesorize with scarves! :yahoo:
  5. Thanks!