Picking handbag before the outfit?

  1. This is really turning into something for me with the handbags!

    hubby and I are going to a play tomorrow night for our anniversary on Wednesday-going to see Patty Lupone in Sweeney Todd. Anyway-I decided 2 days ago which handbag i was going to use-LOL, and, then, I decided on the clothes!

    Do you do this ?
  2. all the time. drives DH up the wall:amuse:
  3. congrats and have fun! may I ask which bag you're wearing (oh...and the outfit)--details really flesh a story out:biggrin:

    I don't really have enough bags to do this...if I know I won't use it then I will sell/give it away and I can't afford to buy very often so I just pick whichever bag goes with the outfit
  4. I do this all the time. Though it's not always deliberate. I sometimes really, really want to use a specific purse and since I'm already in that mindset, my outfit will match the purse before I actually release I'm dressing around that purse. :biggrin:
  5. When I get an especially fabulous bag, I definitely plan my outfits around the bag. Otherwise, half the time I have the outfit and then choose the bag. And at other times, I would think "Hmm...I really want to take this bag out. What should I wear?" Or I'm too lazy to switch purses so I have to pick my clothes based on the bag.
  6. I do this alot, also I tend to buy outfits around shoes
  7. Hehe, I do this almost every morning. I like to rotate my purses around and I try not to use the same purse a few days in a row. This makes for greaty variety in what I wear though!
  8. I do that too LOL
  9. I won't pick a bag and then an outfit if I'm going out, but, I will buy a bag and then find outfits that revolve around the bag (and shoes!! I do this with shoes constantly!!)
  10. every day of my life

    it never occurred to me that this was an odd thing to do *LOL*

  11. LOL, I am the same way. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. Yep, I definitely do this! Especially on trips. I pack a few bags and won't want to carry the same one every day of the vacation, so will make sure that I have outfits and shoes to match each bag several times:smile:
  13. LOL! I do this ALL the time! Glad to know I'm not alone!
  14. Nah, I decide on the handbag that best matches my outfit