pick me a shopping bag...


Which Shopping bag to bring

  1. Azur speedy 30

  2. Manhattan Pm

  3. Gucci Med Horsebit

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  1. Hey guys, my bf refuses to give me an opinion and told me to ask my "forum friends" for advice.

    lol..so I'm going to Minneapolis for a 4 day shopping trip and need an advise on which bag to bring...

    I have 3 choices:

    1) Manhattan PM
    pro: can put over shoulder or hand held, classy looking even w/ casual clothes, not too bulky
    con: can get a bit heavy

    2) Azur Speedy 30
    pro: light weight, can fit a lot of stuff
    con: can be a bit bulky, due to size can get in the way of shopping, hand held only

    3) gucci Med horsebit hobo
    pro: no obvious label so I won't get robbed, hand held and can put over the arm, no patina to worry about in case of rain
    con: the handle part sometimes hurts my arm if it gets too heavy.

    I'm thinking of brining my azur or mono pochette too in case my arm/shoulder starts to hurt as a back up.

  2. i say the speedy because it's the lightest among the 3. if you'll be doing some serious shopping, then you need all your strength. it's really hard to shop with a heavy bag! good luck.
  3. I would say the speedy.
  4. speedy for sure!
  5. I would choose the Speedy BUT if you'd be doing major shopping, I'd think a shoulder bag is better. :yes:
  6. ^i really want to bring a shoulder bag, but I am having major shoulder issues...lol. I went for a massage on Tues and I'm still in pain...so idunnoooo....
  7. i love the azur speedy.
  8. I say the manhattan - dont get me wrong I love the speedy - but when I shop - shoulder straps are essential!!:smile:
  9. Speedy! It's lightweight to start so it shouldn't get in your way.
  10. I've got used to handheld bags and considering you have shoulder problems I would suggest the Speedy. You can always put some of your shopping in your Speedy anyhoo.
  11. Go for the speedy then, seems your best option.
  12. Manhattan... Just don't carry so much stuff in it. You'll need both hands for some serious shopping damage.
  13. speedy
  14. Speedy!
  15. I know this is an LV forum I would normally go with an LV bag BUT.. I personally would wear a shoulder bag while shopping, so given the choice, I would go with #3 (though the handle part doesn't sound too comforting?).. unless you have other shoulder bag?