Pick A Black Fiore - Any Black Fiore!

  1. :drool: Choices choices ladies...which is the winner?
    The "Sweet Dreams", "Whip Flash Audra" or "Shir Honor"???:wtf:
    BGV7692_ap.jpg BGV8761_bp.jpg BIG-isah62020blk.jpg
  2. I have the Audra bag in brown so I'm biased toward that one. It has just enough studs without looking overdone. I have seen the Sweet Dreams bag @ Nordies and the leather seemed pretty stiff. Not as soft and slouchy as the Audra...
  3. #3!
  4. I like the middle...
  5. The AUDRA!!!! I love mine. I owned a Sweet Dreams briefly. It is a weird bag. Very stiff and unpliable. The zipper is weird too. Because of the curve of the bag it didn't seem to want to zip all the way. But I gotta say I love the Sweet Dreams looks.
  6. i like the one in the middle..
  7. I choose #3, but only because it has silver hardware. Love the black with silver!
  8. Hi there!! I love IF:heart:

    I absolutely love the audra, I don't even want to say how many I have.:shame:

    I say the whipflash...do you know this new one has a violet purple interior?

    I had the old one but must admit I bought this new one because of the new color interior. These designers obviously know what they're doing.:rolleyes:
    I have an ivory one also that has a rust interior.:love: