pic of GST caviar?

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  1. HELLO-

    my friends off to paris next month and she's going to try to get my GST there for me. does anyone have a full size, nice pic of the ever so lovely GST?? she's not into bags so it's easier that she shows the pic. THANKS in ADVANCEEE!!

    color doesn't matter since she knows what black is- kakak
  2. Here -- maybe this will help. The bag isn't black, however, but Bordeaux. i have a couple of other photos if you need... I can email you an original full size if you want
  3. please look in our Reference Library, I, among many others have posted many photos of this bag.
  4. You can follow Swanky's suggestion and check out Reference Library but here's mine:

  5. karman, how old is your black GST? i'm curious.