Pic of Ergo turquoise tote next to cactus plants

  1. I took pics of my Ergo turquoise tote next to mini catus plants (yes -- they're real, little cactus plants)
  2. Cute! Quite the Southwestern feel :smile: Reminds me I need to use my Ergo again!
  3. This post really cracked me up. Very random, in a good way. Beautiful bag!
  4. aww...i love mini cacti!
  5. Hehe...who would've thought that cacti would complement the colour of a Coach purse? :p
  6. LOL...too cute! :idea: I can picture that exact photo in a Coach catolog!!! You should sell it to them. LOL
  7. How cute. Your Ergo looks quite jaunty with the scarf.
  8. That's a great overall picture! It looks like a bright sunny day where you are...:yes:
  9. donnydp,

    LOL, I can see how much you love the ergo tote! You just can't stop taking pics of it huh!

    It truly looks amazing :smile:
  10. awww... cute! :yes:
  11. everything's so colorful! cute!
  12. I really love that color. I hope I can see one at outlets too. How much are they going for now?
  13. I believe a little under $300.
  14. Cute photo! And love the cacti.
  15. Wow, love all those colors!! Great bag and cute cacti!