PIC - Fuchsia Caviar Jumbo & Navy Caviar

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  1. Courtesy of Damian at Saks in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

  2. Fuchsia is hot!!! Thanks Mon!
  3. And while he was at it here are some pictures of shoes.

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  4. I'm in love:heart: with these black peep toe pumps w/chain detail.

  5. Last set of shoe pics...

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  6. Fuchsia is hot!
  7. OH WOW! Fuchsia is TDF! Don't tell me.....it only comes in jumbo. :Push:
  8. OMG LMAO!:roflmfao: Poor Sophie:sad:. I actually have no idea:shrugs:. Here you go again frantically calling all department stores and boutiques.:sweatdrop:

  9. I guess so.....oh my poor long distance call budget. :sad:
  10. :nuts: why does the fuchsia look a bit like coral red to me? someone educate me pls~~~
  11. #11 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    OMG, fuschia looks the bright red I have always wanted (very '05 red like)!!! :love: Sophie, my SA at the boutique put me on the waiting list as soon as I told him about the fuschia and bright blue flaps I was interested in ... unless things have changed, he said they are getting a medium in the fuschia (the size I am interested in), and just the Jumbo in the bright blue. I'll find out asap if that is still the case! :nuts:

  12. OMGosh! I'm going to start calling first thing in the morning! :yahoo:
  13. Hi Minal :wlae:^^

    The navy looks like black, and the fuchsia does look like a bright coral red. Unless it's the lighting in the store. But thanks for sharing the photos smoothoprter :tup:.
  14. thanks for posting the pictures, i like the shoes very much :smile:
  15. Thanks for posting!