Phyton Messenger Bag

  1. uhhhh can someone post a pic and give a pricee?
  2. Do you mean PYthon?
  3. yeahh

  4. that's what i thought too, lol! :lol:
  5. are you familiar w/ the search tool?
    You ask for photos of things that have been posted already. Do a quick search, there's photos of Lucci's Python messenger:yes:
  6. i should also add that python is a gorgeous exotic skin. if you have a budget of $1400 as you previously mentioned in your other thread(s), it's not the bag for you.
    thompk has posted pictures of some fabulous python bags in the Reference Library under the "flaps, classic flaps, reissues" section. definitely worth checking out.
  7. [​IMG]

    Here is a small python cambon
    messenger. Retailed $750ish but was marked down to $450.

  8. I have the same one, it's great, mine was marked down too.
  9. THANKS =]
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