Photos of your Chanels in action...


May 16, 2019
I have a small and a large.The urban spirit chevron (purchased many years ago) is the small and the other drawstring (purchased this year) is a large. Both can hold a lot. I don’t carry much (card case, keys, lip balm, phone, and sunglasses in cloth case) so there is more than ample room left in the bags.

The urban spirit is structured. Sits up on its own without having to prop up against anything. It is a great crossbody bag or shoulder carry. Pokes out some because of the structure but doesn’t bother me at all. It is lambskin so I’m more careful with it than my caviar bags.

The large drawstring is a big puddle of goodness. I tend to gravitate towards structured bags so this one was a nice change. It is also lambskin and the leather is ridiculously soft and squishy so it just hugs your body when you wear it. The drop length on the strap is longer on the large so I have to wear it crossbody. Otherwise it’s too long on my body frame. But it also comes with a top handle so I can hand carry or carry on crook of my arm.

I rotate my bags pretty regularly so that helps with wear and tear. If you like bucket bags and also like LV I’m a big fan of their Neonoe bags as well. Hope this helps.
Thank you for the pics (gorgeous bags) and insights!
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