Photo of your Chanel in the passenger seat

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  1. I saw a similar thread on another forum and thought this would be fun, especially since I love Chanel and she's usually riding shotgun with me. So who do you have in your passenger seat today? I have my iridescent boy with me, on the way to meet a friend for lunch.
  2. My Reissue 227 IMG_1478281799.998862.jpg
  3. Here's mine today IMG_1478286594.213540.jpg
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    My co-pilot this evening. First time out!

    Edited to say can't post photo! Darn errors! Will try again later.

    It worked!
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  5. Sometimes that happens to me too, and I have to restart my phone.
  6. Thanks for the tip! It worked!
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  7. Love the color. Is this color close to irl?
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  8. Thanks. The color is close to can look lighter or brighter depending on tr lighting though.
  9. So pretty!

    Please don't take long before you post an outfit/modeling photo
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  10. From the other day..

  11. Wow!! Beautiful! Love that color!:loveeyes:
  12. IMG_1478361078.176481.jpg

    My jumbo yesterday!
  13. Gorgeous bag!! Is this the medium size?
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  15. Well behaved and beautiful!
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