Photo Insert for tiny Ulysee

  1. Have you seen the tiniest Ulysee at your stores yet? It's maybe a TPM? I was told it's a new size. When I enquired at my own H store, I was told Hermes doesn't make photo inserts for this size of the Ulysee. But when I enquired at a DFS store, the SA there told me that the photo insert hasn't arrived. Which is a fact?
  2. Hi mrsS!

    Yep, I saw the Ulysse TPM before. H store at DFS Galleria and the one at NAC have it. I went to check on it last week. I think the TPM was out around last year.

    I don't think the photo insert is available for the TPM. The smallest size they make is for the PM. Maybe the TPM one will be available later? You'll never know ... :smile: