photo for shoulder kelly

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  1. Not sure if it has been posted. I found this photo today.

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  2. not a fan at all,regular kelly so much more gorgeous,i saw a girl purchasing one but i didnt get the color about 3weeks ago at Hermes Rodeo
  3. I like it, even if it's too big for me
  4. What shade of yellow is this,pls? Thanks
  5. the last bag the blue with gold? toille? amazing, love the pics thank you.
  6. It's a new color this spring: Soleil.

    I'm on the list for this exact bag combo when it comes to my store, but I am not feeling the love for this baby now. I love the color; I'm thinking I'm not tough enough to pull off quite this much yellow, though.
  7. I wonder if I could get that over my shoulder.
  8. I like the option of wearing it on the shoulder, but the east-west shape doesn't seem practical.
  9. Unfortunately, it's not much smaller than the shoulder birkin. I need a 35cm shoulder bag..this one is more like 40 or 42. It's a lovely bag, but once I had it on my shoulder, I kept thinking, "if only I were as tall as Xiao Xiao". It's a big bag. Perhaps they will make a pm THAT would work for me. I have also seen soleil. It's actually very pretty irl. The picture here kind of dulls the color vs. real life. Hard to describe. Yes, a lot of color.
  10. Are you kidding? The way you carry yourself, you could pull off anything!