Phone order

  1. Hey, this is my first post after few days of lurking.:p
    Here's a little tip for those who are on the waiting list for your dream bag.

    Yesterday, I've put myself on the waiting list for the tivoli pm in Toronto,
    and the sales person told me that I should wait about a month or two.
    Since then I couldn't stop searching online for pictures and debate between the pm and the gm, which I've decided to go with the pm from reading the forum, thank you very much.
    Anyways, I was online the whole day yesterday and today,finally my boyfriend got fed up and started calling LV in Montreal, and surprisingly they had one left!!
    So I ordered it by phone and paid a little extra for shipping, and the bag should arrive to my home next tuesday!!

    So if you can't wait like myself, call LV in other cities and see if they have any and order it by phone.

    Good luck!:tup:
  2. Yes, you can also call Louis Vuitton toll free customer service # and they will look in their computer at their system wide inventory for whatever bag you are wanting, this is even easier. Let LV do the work for you!
  3. congrats on yr pics when u get it..:tup:
  4. OMG! didn't know that, I'll try that next time.:yahoo:
    Thank you!
  5. Congratulations on finding your dream bag and welcome to tPF!
  6. Congratulations, and let us know when your beauty arrives! I always have to give my SA a prod to look at other stores when mine doesn't have what I want.
  7. congrats the tivoli is tdf!! welcome to tpf im from toronto too : )
  8. congrats post pictures when you get her
  9. thanx guyz~
    I'll post up the pics right away!
  10. Congrats. Great tip for everyone here.
  11. Congrats! I'm drooling after the tivoli. That's sweet of your boyfriend to decide to call Montreal!
  12. great idea, thanks for the info! i'm glad you were able to find your tivoli, and i'm sure it will look beautiful on you! cheers to your boyfriend for taking charge in LV matters.
  13. congrats on your purchase