phone order/SA question

  1. I just got my first Coach preferred customer card with the 25% off and it is burning a hole in my pocket.

    My nice SA must have signed me up - anyway - if I call in a phone order to my local Coach store - how will my SA gets credit for the sale?
  2. i don't think you can order for pce over the phone. certain stores allow it i guess and what do you mean by credit for the sa? they do not work on commission if that is what you are asking.
  3. The Coach SA's do not work on commission? What motivates them then?
  4. they don't work on commission, but most places have some sort of motivation for sales, no? like incentives, but it's not commission, per se.
  5. hehe, discounts on their own purchases?? lol
  6. call her up and order from her.
  7. If you cant use the discount on a phone order - I guess I will just go to the store and find my favorite SA. I sure hope they get an incentive. They must
  8. there's some sort of incentive. more like a bonus, as i understand it.

    just call up and explain you'd rather do a phone order for pce and see what they say.
  9. At least at the outlets, the SA's sales are kept track of, and if they hit a certain number by the end of the year then they get some kind of cash bonus. I would imagine it's the same in the boutiques.
  10. I was told by a SA at an outlet store, that they earn points for all their sales and that they redeem them for merchandise.
  11. yes, i think they do get incentives. because when you buy things, your SA will usually write down on a Coach post it pad the item #, etc. of the things they sold to you and will enter it into the computer with THEIR name on it. or this is how they do it at my Coach.
  12. I wish this was true! :nuts:

    I can't really go into detail, but yes- like any non-commission store sales are tracked for each SA and there are store-wide monthly bonuses and yearly individual ones. We are rewarded for our hard work!
  13. Come on now you can tell us! ;)
  14. I've called in PCE orders before with no problem. Sometimes they have to charge you a 'call in fee' of $8.00 or something to process it, which may be worth it if your store is far away. I've only been charged that once--most of the time they are kind enough to just take care of it for me.

    If you know what you want, then just call it in.