Philosophy skincare products

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  1. I'm using proactive but I'm thinking of switching over to the Philosophy skincare line; either the "acne kit" or the "makeup optional kit for congested kit". I need something that works similar to Proactiv. I have oily skin with occasional breakouts, and the Proactiv has made some dry patches on my skin.
  2. ^Try their SchoolHouse kit (I think thats what its called)

    I got it as a free gift, and I really like it (although I don't have acne, just irritating pimples that occasionally pop up!)

    The cream has hydrogen peroxide in it (a small amount) and it works so well!

    Plus their makeup cleanser is **amazing**

    BUT the lipgloss that comes with it tastes gross! Give it away as a gift! LOL
  3. I love Philosophy skincare. I always keep some Proactiv, and use it once/day when I'm breaking out or I have an event coming up so I need to make sure I'm pimple free. But most of the time, I use the Proactiv scrub in the shower about every other day, and then the repairing lotion. On off days, I use my other skincare lines. Keeps my pimples at bay, and my skin soft. Nothing works for my acne like Proactiv does, but I love other skincare lines too much to be without them!
  4. ^ That's how I am too! But I think my skin is getting too used to it such that whenever I stop, I break out. So I'm trying to first cut down on it instead of just quitting it completely.
  5. Yeah, I have that problem too. Or I'll slack off using Proactiv for a while, and everything is ok and then BAM zits overnight.

    Try using Proactiv once/day and or every other day, with Philosophy (or something else) in between. A lot of times I use the scrub in the shower and then my normal moisturizer (instead of repairing lotion).
  6. Proactiv is making dry patches on me too. i love Philosphy products. I have a ton. I think I will start rotating them too. usually i just stop proactiv and start something else then go back later

    Rotating seems better.