Pharell ad campaign!

  1. Anyone hase pictures from newest ad campaign with Pharell? :confused1: I like this campaig very much but I have only one photo. :s
  2. Yeah it's been out for a while now. ;)
  3. He's got such sexy eyes... I don't like that photo since they are covered up!
  4. It may or may not be released, it seems he's pissed off quite a few designers at a party...Manolo Blahnik to name one...
  5. I :heart: Pharell; I think he is a total hottie :graucho:
  6. He's so stuck up and arrogant and THE biggest poser IMO, I dont like him at all, he's not even the brain of neptunes (the star hip hip producing group he was and still is a part of) he was just the face. UGGGH he makes me angry trying to b all bling bling, such a poseur.
  7. That ad has been in a couple of mags now... I think the limited edition "Fashion Rocks" magazine contains it.
  8. I heard he was almost dropped from this campaign for saying some gay bashing statements. LV wasn't sure if they wanted to tie their image to his opinions... ehhh im not a Pharell fan either.
  9. Not a fan, sorry.:sad:

  10. Actually, I think it was something to the effect that one of his men said that there were too many "male roosters" (if you catch my drift), and they turned away some super-powerful gay men from their private party. I know some people dislike him because he is trying to act all "bling," which I also find unattractive (i'm not into blingy men), but I liked him before the "bling," when he was more of an anomaly in the hiphop scene. Now he is no better (or worse) than sean "pdiddypuffdaddypuffy"combs, but I still like his alien looks:P
  11. Hmmm, if he wasn't the brain of the Neptunes I wonder why he is has helped so many other artists and why is he all over the place with hits? And why did either of them have to be the so-called brain? I thought they were a collaboration wherein each brings something to the table... JMO.

    He is way too short but definitely cute in his own little, conceited way.
  12. Pharrell's a hottie!!
  13. I have nothing against Pharrell but I personally would rather see LL Cool J for that ad campaign.
  14. He actually isnt the brain. What u THINK is him helping artists is all an act, there are three men in the neptunes, basically he started it but the asian guy is the guy who really is the brainchild, so many people think pharrell and the neptunes wrote britney's hit "boys" (THIS was one of the neptunes biggest songs) but even tho it was still "the neptunes" who wrote it, pharell did very little, its a known secret in the hollywood that he is just a face that can KINDA sing/rap but basically he founded/funded the neptunes so he get the credit (how hollywood works) As well It is also been speculated lately that pharell himself swings the other way, and for the last year or so Diddy has been subject to gay rumors as well. How do I know all this?, my personal trainer is an ex music producer/writer who quit the business years ago after he suffered a major loss when a song he wrote (A little diddy called "who let the dogs out", I SH*T u not! His name is leroy (Anslem Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), he wrote it and it was stolen so he became a kickboxer/trainer becase its his second passion, anyways he recently has decided to go back to music and is working on bringing out a new artist and surprise surpise, among scott storch (resposible for hits such a PCD "buttons", "fighter" X-tina aguilera, "lean back" fat joe and terror squad and "naughty girl" by beyonce to name a few), and other top producers working with this new artist leroy is breaking out, are none-other than The Neptunes, so he knows them and he filled me in on everything. Its all marketing to get ppl 2 think pharell is the leader. FYI U ppl must think I'm nuts but I am an aspring entertainer myself so I have to be informed about this kinda stuff.
  15. Who hasn't been the subject of gay rumors in Hollywood?

    Gay, Bi, Straight, Beastie-lover, talented, talentless, let's stick to the issue at hand: is he hot? I say yes, regardless of his questionable talent or sexuality.