PFer's Beautiful Cornflower Twiggy BIN $905

  1. Thanks for posting this, highgloss. When you buy too much, you have to sell. Sadly.
  2. 00o0o it looks like mine!!! Me loves Corny!!!
    oh Rondafaye - all the best with ya listing! :wlae:
  3. best of luck, rondafaye! she's a beauty. sorry you had to let her go, but i'm sure she'll find a good home.
  5. Yes, we all have to pay the piper one way or another, don't we?
  6. Good luck, Rondafaye. That really is a gorgeous bag and at a very good BIN price.:yes:
  7. Good luck Ronda! I wish I can do twiggy:crybaby: Cornflower is such a beautiful color.
  8. OHHHH.....I want this bag!!! Somebody get it. I can't do it right now!! I'm depressed. It's soooo pretty. :crybaby: :crybaby: