PF.Divas: Please help with FIRST PF purchase w/PCE!


Jan 3, 2013
"Love knows no borders"
I fell head over heels in love with Coach when I bought a couple of bags from Coach Factory's eBay sale. Shortly thereafter I went a little crazy with purchases on Coach Factory Online. I have to gift/return/sell many those purchases. I discovered the Purse Blog Forum; and was mesmerized by the wealth of information. FP, MFF, MF, CFO, FP, deletes, transfers...the acronyms and lingo, differences/differentiating between Coach boutiques' full-price and Coach Factory bags, etc. Whew! This newbie is overwhelmed!

"Gems & gems everywhere; but which gem do I choose?"
A wonderful PF-er gave me a PCE code. This will be my first time purchasing a FP Coach. I am writing to request your help in choosing a great Coach bag. I would love to get your advice and suggestions on procuring a Coach that best suits my style. I prefer medium-large and large bags. I don't dislike leather handbags (forgive me PETA). I love elegant, exotic and intricate patterns. This must be a genetic affinity from my South-Asian heritage. :smile: For example, I love the Coach Madison collection! The Coach Legacy collection is nice, but it is not my style. Finally, I love a great bargain (Thank you PF-ers for sharing PCE codes)!

I called flagship store here. The CS manager told me that unlike, they have access to past collections of Coach handbags. If they don't have a particular style you want in stock, they will order it, and have the bag shipped to your home address for free. I am unsure, however, if I will be able to go to the physical store due to my health issues.

I would very much appreciate your guidance in purchasing my very first FP Coach handbag.

PF folks: I :heart: you!
This is perhaps the first social outlet where I discovered forum members are compassionate and courteous towards one another. It is wonderful to be here. You guys rock!

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Dec 1, 2008
Hmmm. If you don't have a gathered Lindsey yet, and you love large Madison bags, this is a classic. It's the kind of bag you just love staring at because it's so incredibly pretty, and the details are gorgeous. You can get one in a more neutral color (black) or a gorgeous bright color (like magenta). You can wear it shoulder or satchel style. Good luck!


Dec 7, 2011
Hi there & welcome! Nice to have another South Asian tpfer & coach enthusiast here ;)
Do u have any preference for how u like to carry your bags? If you're a shoulder bag gal, I'd recommend the madison Isabelle. It's very smooshy & soft & stays nicely on your shoulder. If you can get a madison Sophia (they unfortunately stopped carrying them), I recommend it as a wonderful satchel.
You should definitely browse the madison clubhouse thread here and over in the reference section for pictures & helpful info.


Jan 3, 2013
Dear PF compatriots,

Thank you very much for your sage advice. I really appreciate your help and guidance in making my first Coach FP purchase.

I have a few more newbie questions:

  • I saw some Coach Madison bags listed on Coach Factory Online. These bags look very similar to the ones on I know that Coach occasionally transfers some of its FP items to the Factory Outlets. The bags that we see on Coach Factory Online - are these deletes or transfers?
  • Besides the "F" preceding the style number on the authenticity creed, how do you differentiate between the Coach FP and Coach Factory bags?
  • Is there a drastic difference in the quality of Coach FP versus Coach Factory bags? To the untrained eye, perhaps not. However, Coach experts may be able to enlighten newbies so that we can make informed decisions in our purchases.
  • If there is anything else you want to add to this thread, please do will immensely benefit both newbies, intermediates and experts in purchasing Coach bags and other goods.