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  1. My black patent peyton finally arrived today and I was so excited to open the box.Never thought a handbag of all things would make me this happy. I guess it was really love because I snipped the tag on it already and filled it with my work and school stuff. I just love this bag and am thinking about starting a little fund to save up for another one(can't justify buying yet another bag this month) to purchase in a few months. This bag will make the ultimate travel on bag for trips and what not. This is one of the MFF bags that are now at the outlet but the quality and workmanship is still there.

  2. awesome!! i have it in white and have yet to snip the tags! but i'm keeping her for sure!
    we're twins on that old navy LOVE keychain! i LOVE it!
  3. Beautiful! All the Peytons are gorgeous, but the black patent is my favorite! I love this bag! It's so roomy, love all the pockets! Congratulations!
  4. Thanks ladies.
  5. Beautiful! What makes this one a MFF bag? What's the difference?
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!

  7. There is no horse and carriage logo on the front of the hangtag or bleeker street written on the other side of the hangtag or coach limited archive on it. There is also an F on the inside creed. The hangtag on this bag simply reads coach.
  8. Congrats girl!!! She sure is purty!!! I am so happy for you! I have the gray patent and love her to death!!!
  9. Thanks! Wow, if the only difference is the hangtag, that's awesome. I haven't seen one but I betcha I have if that's the only difference. Will you post picts. of your new beauty??!! :graucho: Congrats again!
  10. Congrats on the Black Patent Peyton!

    She is lovely!!! The Scarf is cute!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. BlackApple, your Peyton is so pretty and she looks great with her scarf!!
  12. what price are they selling for at the outlets (before discounts)?

    I am hoping to find a fushia leather or gray patent but I won't find out until tomorrow if my outlet has them yet or not :nuts:

  13. errr, I meant the hangtag!!! Doh! :P

  14. It was $349 without the coupon but the person who picked it up for me used a coupon so it was $279.00 not including taxes. I understand the frustration because not all outlets got these bags in. Apparently it was only flagship outlets and those that sell a lot of volumn. My outlet never got them. My mom was sweet enough to do me a favor and buy it and shipped it to me from an outlet back home.
  15. May i ask where did you find that bag>its great