1. This shop isn't too far away from me! Hmmm...I might have to check it out on my lunch break sometime...sounds like they have a pretty good inventory!
  2. Lucky girl... I'd give anything to be in the OC right now and escape this darn rain :rolleyes: I can't use my Bbags when it rains... sigh.
  3. ^Congrats! I can't WAIT to see pics!

    BTW - what color is that second one?
  4. it looks like Origan to me...
  5. Congrats- you are going to love the color!! :tup:

  6. YAYAYAYAYAY :yahoo: :yahoo: CONGRATS :yahoo: :yahoo:

    It's a beauty, can't wait to see pics :yes:
  7. got the bag but it's going back - they said it came with all the tags and it doesn't come with anything except the mirror and tassels. i don't like buying bags without the tags:tdown:

    so, if that doesn't bug anyone, you can probably buy it by Friday...
  8. here's a pic of it. surprisingly, it has a lot of pink undertones... kind of weird :confused1:
    IMG_1256.jpg IMG_1254_1.jpg
  9. I've heard the '04 Pewter has a pinky tone to it.
  10. this is actually an 05 - i don't think they made the day style in 04

    yes, it's very pink underneath the dark grey pewter. AND the hardware is super shiny silver, very blingy. too much for me...
  11. is there any year that the pewter is more silvery w/no pink untertones?
  12. I don't think so - the '04 has a pink undertone too. However, they did make a silver metallic as well.
  13. I have a city in the 05 - I think - the second year of the pewter at Christmas with the shiny hardware, 04 had darker hardware. They have a definite pink undertone.. & that does look like the real thing! Actually they are not too blingy... very nice bags.