Pewter Jackie On Neiman Marcus

  1. Oooo I like the color, very pretty!
  2. I think the color is very pretty too...
  3. Thats real nice!
  4. Wow! me likey :heart:
  5. Yes, very pretty. I am convinced that bronze is the "IT" color for Fall. Is it just me, or is that color everywhere? Gorgeous, and a great neutral to go with anything you wear!
  6. Nordstroms today was like as my husband phrased it...."1975 all over again". Everything was shiny patent and gold and silver...LOL Pewter Natashas in Patent, Pewter Arams in Patent, Black Patent Natashas, Pewter Patent Jasmines. Plus other designers had their Bling out too. I tell ya, you needed sunglasses. I was not impressed by the Patents. They feel really neat and soft but waaaay tooooo shiny for me.
  7. I really love the pewter/bronze color of this Jackie, but sadly I don't care for the style :sad:
  8. Colour is nice, but the bag is not for me...:s
  9. Not for me either. Looks very '70's like Lexie said.
  10. Me neither. Now I like that pewter Elisha.