Pewter First SP $868

  1. yikes I love this one too...great price!
  2. Funny, I was just about to post this! It is gorgeous, what a great size for this color! I think it would make an amazing going-out bag. Versatile, yet it has such a strong POP-factor!
  3. I want this sooo much! It would be PERFECT for going out! rawr!

    anyone think there is a chance the seller would take a trade of my left kidney? it isn't fully functional anyhow.

    (shhh dont tell them though)
  4. OOOH...that's an 04 Pewter too...note the pewter-ish hardware!! :heart:
  5. :drool: :drool: :drool: one of my DREAM bags!!! :graucho:
  6. OMG!! That's the one that got away!! I've been regretting it since not snatching it up when it was in store at Holt Renfrew... and I was totally green with envy when Cal posted hers up.

    Thanks for posting it up... I WANT IT!! but a bit of a dilemma cuz I was just about to buy something else.. but can't post this here since I don't want to divert the topic of this thread.

    I still remember how it literally felt like my heart stopped when I first saw it.. :love:
  7. wow groool! so gorgeous!
  8. this one is a beauty!
    i have this one in weekender.. and it always gets heaps and heaps of compliments!! one of the most gorgeous metallic colours.. it's actualyl quite understated in real life.. not as SHINY... which is great!... a good alternative to black bags..
  9. <sigh>i think i am gonna join the bidding battle on this one.
  10. Go for it ladies!!!!!! This is a seriously beeeee-you-tiful bag!
  11. I have the weekender version too and it rocks!!! :jammin: