Petition to save Lipstick Jungle

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for this!!
  2. Sign Sealed and hopefully delivered!!
    Thanks for posting this:heart:
  3. I signed, hope this works!
  4. I signed too - I don't want to see this show end.
  5. Thanks you guys!!!

    I cannot believe how many people have signed it so far. I think over 19,000? I mean, NBC has to recognize this....let's keep our fingers crossed.
  6. So are they bringing it back or not.

    It is stupid that their demographic target is 18-? and they move the show to Fridays where most people go out. Hell, I am a housewife and don't go clubbing anymore, BUT Fridays are date night with hubby and he would never sit in front of the Television and watch the show with me. I DVR it and watch it later that night or FIRST thing Sat morning.

    Anyway, back to topic. Yesterday's episode was listed as a season premiere instead of a series premiere, but it included nostalgic scenes at the end that made it seem like that was it.
  7. Oh....I am signing it!! Thank you! Okay.....when I signed I was 19,668!
  8. signed! thanks!
  9. The sad thing is, it seems that nobody knows for sure. Which is awful. After reading all of the comments from the writer's blog here—it seems that it "might" be cancelled, but of course, nobody knows for sure and even the actors, writers or network aren't even discussing it, which tells me they're possibly thinking about it.

    This last episode with the flashbacks at the end just seemed really weird to me. Why do that if it's coming back on next season? KWIM? I think that's what's gotten everybody so upset is nobody knows for sure. Hence the petition, just in case...
  10. On my way to sign, thanks!!
  11. Done. Thanks for posting! (Also signed for my hubby too!)
  12. signed for me and SO ! :sweatdrop:
  13. Oooh. I will sign for my DH, as well. Didn't think about that. Even though he wouldn't be caught dead watching that show. ;)

    EDIT: Wow. I just signed up for him, and it's up to 20,018. Way to go, ladies!!!
  14. I signed! Love this show and it's just starting to get better and better.