1. I'm very petite (0) and I have such trouble finding clothes. Anyone know any good designers/ stores? Thanks!
  2. i know what you mean blistered! it is hard enough to find jeans that are the right length/size, bu when you try to find a mini/shift dress, everything just looks oversized...
  3. What kind of clothes are you looking for? If it's trendier pieces you should try some of the juniors sized stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M etc. Ann Taylor also has a good selection of petite sizes if you're looking for classic/dressy pieces.
  4. Nordstrom and Macys carries a lot in petite. Banana Republic carries size 00.

    I know this is not petite but the department TBD at Nordstrom carries a lot of trendier clothing and most of the brands in tops are sized very small. I am a medium at places like Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and have trouble fitting into most of the large and x-large tops in that department. They always sell out of the larger sizes first so there are usually a lot of cute small tops there in S or XS.
  5. I'm in the same boat that I'm petite and size 0 and have a hard time finding clothes that fit well. But I've had luck at Forever 21 for tops, although not all styles come in XS. Nordstrom is a good place to shop at too. Nordstrom Rack is somewhere if you want a better deal on designer items.
  6. Thanks! :smile: I usually have some luck at Ann Taylor and H&M (they tend to run very small...). Will try out Nordstroms!
  7. i have the SAME problem. I am a size 0 as well. I buy most of my clothes online. Frankie B has awesome jeans that fit better than any other kind of jean!
  8. Banana Republic has 00.