Petit Noe v. Musette Salsa???

  1. Well I exchanged my Bosphore for the Musette Salsa but it was in a dead heat with the Mono Petit Noe. But, I do already have the Fawn Epi Petit Noe so did I make the right choice??
  2. Is salsa the smallest one?
  3. this is the Salsa, Irene. and loriw, i think you should go with the Salsa, since you already have an Epi Petit Noe, and the Salsa is a great bag for everyday use, especially shopping, when you want your hands free :yes:
    musette salsa 002.jpg
  4. I agree with Sandra! Salsa IS a great bag for every day use!!! YAY, Lori!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:

    P.S. Thank you, Sandra, for posting a pic!!!:flowers:
  5. Thanks Sandra! It looks so cute on you -
  6. Congrats on the Salsa! I think you made the right choice since you already have a Petit Noe.
  7. i have salsa long strap too and i think the bag is really cute. u already have the petite noe so i think it's a good choice to go for something different.