Petit Noe in Damier canvas?

  1. Is there a such thing? If not, I'll bet it would look great.:love:
  2. you could get it specially ordered?

    i agree .. it would be TDF
  3. OMG!!! I think it would look STUNNING!!!
  4. Of course, everyone would think it was a fake.:amuse: But it wouldn't matter to me; it would be so unique.
  5. i have one! got mine from my mom's closet... :smile:
  6. Cool!!!:love: I've never see one; I never knew they existed! Thank you!
  7. that is so cute!!!
  8. So is it part of the Damier collection or was it a special order?
  9. Buttery,
    I was so shocked too see it just sitting inside my mom's closet. Maybe it was just waiting for me :P

  10. I have no idea?? But it looks kind of old already, esp. the hardware... i think it's one of those discontinued designs? Maybe a vintage piece?
  11. I didn't know that the Damier Petite Noe came with a drawstring pull instead of just the drawstring? Please clarify.
  12. GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  13. I didn't know that bag existed either. Thanks for posting.
  14. I've seen them special ordered. There are some w/ the leather for the Monogram but w/ the Damier. Kind of like that special edition Soho.
  15. I have never seen a Damier Petite Noe with the darker straps. That is not to say one did not exist or was made as a special order. I have seen other damier pieces, including the Noe, with the vachetta leather. I believe these pieces were part of the Centenaire collection that was made in 1996 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of LV.