Pet Smart Shopping

  1. We went to Pet Smart today to stock up on dog and cat food, treats, etc. I love that store!! People bring the cutest pets there shopping. It makes me crazy with happiness when I see these babies being loved and pampered.

    If only my three doggies could be trusted to go shopping. There's no way. They'd cause a scene. But I get a real kick out of seeing everyone else's!:yes:
  2. Awh I love Petsmart too! and so does Toby! :yes:
  3. My dog gets laughed at when we go to PetsMart/Petco. If I take too long browsing in one spot, she'll flop down on the floor (no matter where we're standing) and take a nap, which by itself doesn't sound too weird, except that she does it upside down. :rolleyes: She gets pointed at by giggling kids all the time.
  4. i love them as well, better than petco.
  5. I would take Stanley (my cat who's leash trained) to Petsmart and he would love it. But I'm afraid he'd cause a scene if he saw a dog..he hates dogs.
  6. My girl likes to go to PetSmart and ride in the cart. If she's not in the carat, she doesn't like it there.
  7. Oh, that's too funny! Riding in the cart!!!! How fun!
  8. Yeah she usually stands up and looks around. I get quite a few odd looks, but if it makes her happy who cares? :smile: Good thing she's small enough to actually fit in the cart along with her usual stuff.
  9. What kind of animals did you see there?? Did you see any ferrets there, because I was thinking of buying one from Petsmart since Petsmart is the closest pet store place to me.
  10. I mostly noticed the dogs that were shopping with their parents, but they did have some cats for adoption (sponsored by a rescue group). I did see some guinea pigs too, but I didn't notice any ferrets. I didn't go down all the aisles, though, so they may sell them.
  11. Might be worth checking out for a ferret. You might be able to give a homeless ferret a loving home instead of buying one. :smile: (I found them under "Small & Furry").