Perfume Key Fob


    This is what happens when the marketing people take over!

    It's cute - would be cuter as a "free with purchase" item
  2. oh, this is not really nice at all...
  3. They also have a lanyard that is about a third of the size for the same price. (and cute as a button I might add)
  4. I agree, just hand it over for free!
  5. I ordered both the keyfob and the lanyard at the boutique, and had it sent there instead of my home. Good thing I did, because when I went to pick it up today, the keyfob had a crooked top! They had two others in the store, and two out of the three were crooked. The lanyard looked okay, which was good because they had sold the only other one they had this morning. They're both very cute, but for the price I didn't expect there to be anything wrong with it.
  6. A crooked top? :wtf:

    I ordered the Fragrance Bottle Keyfob and the Ergo Handbag Keyfob.. they should be here Thursday..

    I'll have to check that once it gets here... little things like that really bother me!
  7. i really don't understand why that tiny little lanyard is the same price as the larger keyfob!!! they are too cute, but i couldn't bring myself to pay $48 for that little thing.