Perforated Cles Question....

  1. I'm not sure if this is something that changed over the design process, or maybe different production stages, but the Perforated Cles on Elux and on LV has one row of perforation along the entire length of the cles. I have seen some on Ebay, and also a few pictures on here, where there is no perforation. Very confused....mine doesn't have it, but a friend just bought one that does.

    Anyone have any insight into this?
  2. I am not too sure but let me give you a bump for another lady that might can help.
  3. i would think the studio pictures on LV and Elux are prototype photos. sometimes when production starts little details vary to stop counterfeiters
  4. I just brought a perfo cles too and mine doesn't have it either, wow never noticed that before, weird
  5. I have one as well and I don't have it either, and I know I've got an authentic item!

    [​IMG](courtesy E-Luxury)
  6. Thanks so much for the help, ladies.
    I was feeling a little iffy about mine when I saw the Elux pic.
  7. Mine doesn't have it either and it came from an LV boutique.
  8. Mine is from the LV boutique, and it doesn't have it either.