Perfo !

  1. Hi all, does anyone have any of the perfo ad's and any info on this line or any runway pics. I bought a perfo plate a couple of weeks ago and would love to know a bit more about the perfo line. Since I didnt really research upcoming lines back then...I didnt really take note. Thanks :flowers:
  2. Yah, I fell in love the with Perfo through the photos before it launched.
  3. What color did you get Steve?
  4. I got the orange, they only had the plate left in orange and after seeing Clares (label addict's) I really like it, its a little big but still something perfo LOL
  5. and thanks for the pics guys :flowers:
  6. Congrats on your plate, the orange perfo is stunning!
  7. thanks :flowers:
  8. Steve---so sorry. I thought I replied to this thread....:shame:
    Congrats! I really love this accessory!
  9. dont worry LOL, and thankyou :flowers: I will post pics when I have time, sorry If I dont post pics real soon, Im having such a hectic and busy week...its a wonder how I find time to post LOL :smile: