Perfo Speedy Advice

  1. Do you guys think that the perfo speedys are out of style already, like if I would to wear mine would I look odd and out of style. I stopped wearing mine because I got the speedy 35. Also since that style is old I do not want people to think its a Fake. Help !!!!
  2. I think the perfo bags are still all honesty though, I think anyone who is not familiar with LV may think anything other than the traditional mono bags are fake. I know when I take out my Cerises, CB, and Panda items I get weird looks.
  3. I actually just posted my perfo speedy on eBay last night, I felt like it was time for something new. :thinking:
  4. I consider the LE items like the Perfo, Cerises, CB, etc. to be collectible, and therfore I personally don't care if people think that they are fake--that's their ignorance. Over time, the LE items will only become harder to find, and therefore more rare and desirable among collectors. Who knows? Somewhere down the road the Perfo may become 'vintage chic' and therefore the popularity might shoot up again. It's a matter of personal choice, of course, however I would hold onto mine if I had a Perfo. The only LE items I have are Cerises and I won't give up my pochette and speedy for anything!!!
  5. ^ITA. I love LE items.
  6. I have a perf speedy and I love wearing it although I am aware that people not familiar with LV can mistake it for a fake - that's they're problem, not mine.
  7. Know what you mean.....when I carry my patchwork speedy or my mirage speedy, I get some strange looks because I'm assuming people think they're fake. I don't care though.....I love them!!! I don't think any LV will ever look dated. If you love it, wear it with pride!!!
  8. I adore all of my LE items and as other have mentioned some people aren't quite sure what to make of them, but they make me happy and that is all that matters!
  9. no way i love my perfo wallet. i didn't care too much for the speddy at the time and now I regret not getting it. i would totally rock my perf speddy now if i could. the more limited the piece the hotter. keep rocking your speddy with pride
  10. perfo speedy is gorgeous! :biggrin: i would rather carry that then the classic speedy. go out and take your perfo out with u :biggrin:
  11. I love the Perfo line, use it.
  12. I love the Perfo Speedy, its so funky.

    Its such a rebel style for Vuitton, and I really do think, it wont go out of style.
  13. I still love mine, although I don't use it. New bags have come, so I kinda haven't looked 'back'. Although I do take her out to admire her now and than. And can't bear the thought of selling her.
  14. i let go of mine and i terribly regret it. it's not that i didn't like it anymore but for some reason i haven't been using it as much as i wanted (now that i think about it i think it was because i was afraid of the vachetta turning dark). but of all the speedy that came out, other than the multicolor speedy, i like the perfo speedy the best! it's so edgy and cute! what i love most about it is the coloured lining and how the holes are very cute and neat. i gotta stop before i cry. i miss mine so much! hehe. don't worry about how other people will think it's a fake. doesn't matter as long as you know it is! now take that speedy out!
  15. i don't think it's at all out of style!