Perfo pulled from stores?

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  1. I called my SA in Hawaii today to see if they have any perfo cles left :angel: -she said they did but that LV had already pulled the perfo line from it's mainland stores. Has anyone seen perfo lately? Maybe this is why elux suddenly has plates and mini trocaderos :ninja: (If anyone's interested, they're going for $205)

    I aslo asked if there were any Birth of Modern Luxury books left- she said her store (Ka'anappali) had a display copy, but that she'd check a Honolulu location that had one. Sadly, it too was apparently banged up :crybaby:
  2. I got a green perfo cles in Las Vegas last week!
    They had a green and orange pochette too.
  3. Only perfo i've seen is on elux.
  4. I actually have seen quite a few pieces in the last few months or so. My Neiman's had all 3 colors of the Speedy and I had also seen the pochettes. I don't remember what Cles they had though.
  5. We have some Perfo here..saw a speedy last time I went.
  6. oh- I guess she was misinformed.
  7. My SA told me they had pulled them just this week also. They said it was a seasonal line and when they had the big releases of new items they pull last season's stuff and the perfo was what had to go. They said elux was the only place to get it til it's gone. The Cerises line was like that too I believe. Big stock on elux but no more in stores for a short period at the end.
  8. I STILL havn't seen perfo in stores! I go to a small boutique so maybe they won't have them???
  9. I have only seen the perfo on elux. Trying to convince DH to get me the fuschia pochette
  10. I just called my local store and asked about a fuchsia cles and my SA said that that color was cancelled, so they won't be getting it ever again!

    They did have green and orange though...why cancel fuchsia though????
  11. When the stuff first came out I was told they were not making a fuchsia cles which I thought was dumb. I've never seen one tho I dont think so I dunno? I'm not versed on perfo other than what I've seen here and in store and what my SA said, so I'm no expert. I just remember thinking if they didnt make a pink cles I didnt want a pink bag so I opted out of perfo. lol

    They have the speedy available in all colors on elux right now. Green and orange on the cles.