Perfect Opportunity for me to get a new bag!!!!

  1. My Fiance just HAD to have a new cell phone:rolleyes:, so we went tonight and he got a new Blackberry curve which ended up costing $400 and some odd change.

    So we get home and I look at him and say "Good thing PCE starts tomorrow b/c I'm going to get that New Carly bag"

    he didn't say anything at first, and then he's like, "Oh well I guess you have a point"


    So guess who's going to get the new Carly Slim Signature. ME!!!! :woohoo:
  2. YAY Candace!!! What color scheme???
  3. i'm thinking the khaki/natural, since the last bag I bought was white leather. But I do need a black bag...... hmmmmmm decisions
  4. heehee.....hmmm....that's a toughie. I'm holding tight for chocolate sig bleecker duffle. I tried it on at Nordie's today and DH gave a big :tup: so we are pumped!
    now to pick accessories...LOL
  5. Yeah rock on Candace! We'll be matching with our slim Carly's! :wlae:
  6. yay! you go girl!!! :tup: that khaki/natural looks really pretty.. post pics when you get it! :yes:
  7. Yesssss!! Kudos to your man and his new black berry!! :tup:
  8. That Slim Carly looks very nice. Please go get that bag and post some pictures. Congrats!
  9. Where have I been? Slim Carly? There's a slim carly?