People who put their purses on seats

  1. It never fails to amaze me how many people set their handbags on empty seats (example: bus, bar stool, etc.) and then don't move them when it's clear someone wants to sit down or is waiting for a seat.

    I don't understand why some people think their bags having a place to sit is more important than another human being? I don't care if it's a Birkin, I think it belongs on the ground or in your lap if there are no other empty seats and somebody would like to sit down. My Chanels ALWAYS go on the floor or sit in my lap: whether I'm on public transit or in a crowded bar.

    Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine and I see this happen everywhere. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. I agree. I prefer my bag to sit on an empty seat, of course, but if a person comes along, I always move my bag out of the way for them. It's really rude not to do so.
  3. Personally if the only vacant seat was occupied by a bag I'd ask the owner to move it!!! If I was on a half empty bus or train i'd probably set my bag down next to me but if there was a shortage of seats it would go on my lap. Don't use public transport much though!
  4. I can SO relate! Let me tell my story.

    So I went to a New Year party and got completely drunk. There's no way we could have driven home so we got a hotel nearby. The next day I had a horrible hang over and we were checking out. I was waiting at the lobby area while my BF went to get the car. I wanted to sit down but the lobby was full. I spotted this one long bench with a lady and ALL HER LUGGAGE sitting on it. The bench was long enough for 4 people, but she managed to fill it up, leaving no space for anyone. So I near her, gave her a look, gave her luggage a look, and glance back at her. She looked at me and turned her head completely away from me :wtf:. I know I could have asked, but I didn't feel that I should have. Plus the fact that she turned her head away from me indicated that she knew what she's doing. If the bench was empty, I would have asked her if she mind me sitting down. I so wish I was sick enough to puke all over her luggage.

    I am lucky that I haven't experienced this on public transport yet. Usually people are considerate enough to put their belongings on their laps. If I ever do, I would seriously go up to him/her and asked "did you pay for 2 seats?"

    Bars... I don't know, I have always assumed that s/he is waiting for someone and is trying to reserve a seat for that person.
  5. I agree. I always keep my bag on my lap though, I would only put it on the floor if I had no other choice.
  6. I either put my bag on my lap or the floor. There was this one time when I was in a nice restaurant and put my bag on the floor. NExt come the waiter who brought me a chair for my bag! Whoa! Wow! That guy deserved an extra tip!

  7. I can't stand when someone is like that. If you're going to act like that then leave your bag at home. I don't get people like that.
  8. Definitely! That was thoughtful of him. I love going to TRU because they actually have "purse stools." So cute, plus, I get to show off my bag. :idea:
  9. I usually put my purse on my lap so I can watch it better, distracted or not. Sometimes, I put it on the floor; but if I'm in a busy place, one strap goes on my foot so I would definitely notice if anyone tried to steal it.
  10. OMG...I love that you posted this topic...I absolutely get annoyed when people don't move their bag from an empty seat...

    I usually put my bag on the floor/ lap as well, but any time I see someone wants to sit, I have no problem in moving it, and neither should anyone else.

    I know people are afraid of getting it dirty, stolen, etc. but that is still no excuse for being rude to someone!!
  11. I do that too. I mean if no one is sitting I put it there, but when I see people are coming to sit down, I put my bag on my lap. I know some people amazed me, because they can be so rude!
  12. This drives me crazy on public transportation especially! It saves space and is much more polite to keep your bag on your lap. I understand when people have a million grocery or shopping bags, I guess...
    But I would rather have my bag in my lap anyway!

    I also don't like keeping my bag on the floor though... in restaurants or wherever.
  13. yeah i use the extra chair next to me when i can as well, but then i get paranoid that someone will take it when i get distracted...when there's a shortage of seats i just put it in my lap or hang it on the back of my chair or something like that....

    if someone had their bag on a chair and didn't attempt to move it for me if there were no other seats i would certainly ask them to do so....
  14. I always put my bags on my lap (or the floor if it is clean enough). I don't like to keep them on the seat next to me because it is ruded, and makes it easier for someone to steal.
  15. Sorry, but I ALWAYS put my bag on the empty seat next to me. If you want to sit there, just say "excuse me" and I will move it. It's no different from someone putting their briefcase or spreading out their newspaper on the empty seat. I find people who just stand there glaring at you to be the rude ones...who are you, the Queen of Sheba? :p