People who live in or have been to Paris...

  1. Do you see many women carrying fake LV's in Paris?
  2. i lived there when i was younger, and back then fakes weren't so rampant, but now it's practically a crime to carry fake bags :yes:
  3. A little O/T, but most of the European customs are very strict when it comes to fakes, esp. Italy and France.:yes:
  4. I didn't see many fakes being carried when I honeymooned there in '04 but while we waited for the Eurostar we wandered around neat the station and saw alot of those little stores full of designer knock off handbags/luggage.
  5. i was there about a year ago and i didnt see many fakes, most of them on american tourists. Some EU countries have strict rules governing counterfeits.
  6. No, because you could end up paying a penalty of 10 000€ (~$12 425) in France and Italy if you carry a fake.
  7. Love that!

    :rolleyes: I wish it were like that here.
  8. Not really.. I saw some tourists with fake bags. I was REALLY shocked when I saw someone who looked like a local in Monaco with a fake MC alma !
  9. OMG!!! Canadian government should inforce this rule! I think we may eliminate national bebt thanks to the streets of Toronto and it's surroundings alone!!!:lol:
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    I know my city could use the $$ too, we have way to many pot-holes here & even more fake LV bags :mad:
  11. I was just in Paris about 2 weeks ago and I saw no fakes and most of the Louis Vuitton I saw were vntage pieces with the cross grain leather trim instead of the cowhide.
  12. French trendy womens like balenciaga, chloe or chanel bags, they don't care about vuitton. When you arrive at the charles de gaule airport there is a poster saying that you can be charge up to 300 000 euros fine (about $500 000) and up to 3 years in prison if they find fake on you or in your luggage. They stopped me and checked if my keepall was real, also they made a beef about the fact that I had 1 brand new treo and mac book.
  13. I'm sorry but I have to ask this.They have an LV expert at the airport?
  14. Of course they have an expert that track fake CARTIER - CHANEL - VUITTON , It's a big deal over there. If you show up in a lv store for authentification you will be surprised to see what they gonna do to your bag. First they keep it and second they cut it in front of you. It's a crime.
  15. they are very suspicious for the arriving from thailand, china, even from morocco. I was coming from NY but there were people fom thailand in my flight , probably french tourist that made a connection in NY .They checked all my luggages.