People who had their damier speedys bleed--I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP!!

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  1. Hey!! I remember LOTS of members saying how their damier speedys had lining that was bleeding...I just spoke with the boutique near me and they said that they haven't heard of this problem at all!

    I told them that I would have people post who had this problem...could you also include the boutique that you exchanged them at? Thanks SO MUCH!! :smile:
  2. i asked at my boutique too and they looked at me like i was crazy and said they never heard of that before :confused1: :blink:
  3. Yeah, the SA's all say that! I exchanged mine at the flagship store in nyc but that one was bleeding too, so really I went through alot of useless hassle.
  4. ^I am thinking of exchanging mine for a different bag than the Damier Speedy, since I have a feeling that they all are going to bleed. :sad:
  5. I had a Damier Speedy and never noticed any bleeding. I even had my vernis items in there!!! ha ha, with no dustcovers!!!
  6. My Damier Speedy 25 doesn't bleed either. It seems to be rather hit or miss as to whether there's a problem. :shrugs:
  7. ^I just spoke with my boutique and they said that they would "take care of it for me" so I think I am going to exchange is for the Saleya GM...I have heard that the red lining in that bag does not have any bleeding issues.
  8. Both my 25 and 30 were returned in Mpls. Allison was very helpful--one swipe with a white glove on the inside of a new speedy was enough to demonstrate the problem.
    We also tried that on the Illovo (sp?) and had the same problem.
    Having said that, I ordered the Illovo on elux--I'm wondering if airing out the bag for a while would somehow set the color. Anyway, with a 60 day return period, I'm going to give it a try!!
  9. I rubbed a white cloth on the inside of my new damier speedy and could only see a faint shade of pink when I held it directly under the light. It seems that some bleed more than others.
  10. Haven't had a problem with my speedy 25 luckily.
  11. i had the problem with my first dam. speedy, the LV on bloor in toronto changed me for me for an onatah and they even exchanged the wallet that got stained because of the damier speedy problem. But i recently purchased another damier speedy (i love it too much), and theres no problem (i did the paper towel test)...but to be safe, i did put a little bag in the speedy to protect light coloured stuff
  12. Well I took mine to the boutique and exchanged it for the Saleya GM...hopefully won't have a problem with the lining bleeding!!