People who don't let their pets on furniture


Jan 29, 2006
I hope I don't offend anyone, but this has always baffled me. My parents by no means have cheap furniture but we have never discouraged our cats from sitting their little butts down wherever they please.

It seems sort of mean to me to not allow one's dogs or one's cat onto furniture, not to mention an indication of just how materialistic that person could be (I mean, really, does anyone care that much about a sofa, even if it is upholstered in Italian silk?... and if one of your concerns in life is as minor as maintaining your pristine sofa, don't you feel damn fortunate?)... This is, of course, just my uninformed opinion and maybe somebody who doesn't let their pets on furniture will come along to correct me.

My question is: if you keep your pets clean and well-groomed, why wouldn't you let them sit on the sofa or on a chair if they so choose?


Dec 3, 2006
I don't allow my pets on the furniture due to allergy concerns. I found out after I already had pets (two dogs, one cat) that I am allergic to them. :sad: The doctors suggested that if I wanted to keep them they not be allowed on furniture or in the bedroom (I couldn't do this one so now they just sleep on a dog bed instead of my bed).


Apr 6, 2007
I have a large dog and he is not allowed on the furniture. I don't think I'm being materialistic for not wanting a toenail to punch a hole in the fabric of the couch. It's just common sense that I don't want the furniture damaged when I can easily control the situation by telling him he can't get up there. I don't feel he is deprived in any way as he is much loved and has the run of house and his own comfortable dog bed.

Now, small dogs and cats are different. They pretty much do what they want anyway.


Sep 21, 2007
I have a cat and a dog. The cat goes where she pleases, w/ the exception of tables, counters, and all places that she does not belong. The dog is allowed on the furniture also and he sometimes sleeps w/ me.

But, my s/o says animals don't belong on furniture. My parents have 2 dogs and my dad feels the same. I think it is not a materialistic thing, but more of a this is where you go, this is where I go mentality. Just like some ppl don't feed pets "people" food, b/c it is not "for" them, just as dog food is not "made" for humans.


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Mar 11, 2006
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But, my s/o says animals don't belong on furniture. My parents have 2 dogs and my dad feels the same. I think it is not a materialistic thing, but more of a this is where you go, this is where I go mentality. Just like some ppl don't feed pets "people" food, b/c it is not "for" them, just as dog food is not "made" for humans.
my SO says the same thing for the same reason. also, no matter how well groomed they are there's still shed (unless you have a breed that doesn't shed of course). he doesn't like pet hair.

that said, the dog has a her own chair (old recliner that no one sits in) and still gets on the couch/bed anyway because i want her to cuddle with me. SO just doesn't say anything anymore. i win. :smile:


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Aug 10, 2006
I don't necessarily think that all people who don't allow their animals on furniture are that materialistic. There are valid reasons for some people not to allow it, such as the poster above who had allergy concerns. I am sure some people are being materialistic by not allowing their animals to sleep on a couch or chair, but not all of them!

With that being said, my cats pretty much use my furniture more than I do! I buy them expensive pet beds and blankets, but they still prefer my sofas, ottomans, and of course, my brand new bed!

Almost everyone I know who has pets are pretty much the same as we are in our house! My pets are family, and I don't make family sit on the floor (although, with some of the members in my family, maybe I should consider it!!) :P


Feb 1, 2006
My girls sit where we sit. Unless its the dining room. (they are little) they would not understand at all if I did not allow it. I got all new furniture lately and the first few days I tired so hard to keep them off....needless to say it did not work. We vacuum the furniture regularly and they have such short hair....Im so ok with it.


Aug 17, 2007
I allow my bulldog on the couch and in my bed. My rottie was NOT allowed on the couch because he was to big.


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Jan 4, 2007
My dogs can go whereever they want, but I do cover my coaches and bed with extra sheets to help prevent damage. I don't want dirt or hair embedding itself where I sit and sleep. Plus, the sheets make cleanup really easy. If I want to clean or if company is stopping by, then I simply gather up the sheets, shake them out, then stick them in the wash. It's been great for my allergies because it prevents too much dander in places where I hang out.


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Mar 28, 2006
Smaller Apple (north of NYC)
I started off with the rule of not allowing the dog on the furniture. My reasoning is the same reason I don't allow shoes on my couches/chairs/bed. Doggy feet are dirty. My golden goes outside and steps in/on who know's what!?! We did put a dog bed in every room of the house so she has her own space.

So, now that it's been almost 5 months of having her in our lives she is now allowed to hang out on the bed -- just not sleep with us since she is still happily sleeping in her crate (I put a 'dog' sheet down on top of our comforter to catch any dirt, fur, or icky's). She is still not allowed on our couch, but she is content with her dog bed which is strategically placed at the foot of the couch. Best of both worlds! Dog feels comfy and part of the pack -- leather couch is spared extra wear and tear it wasn't designed for. My two cents.


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Mar 27, 2006
My cats and dog can basically sit anywhere they like if it's up to me. My mom is the one who doesn't let our dog on the sofas/beds. She said it's for hygiene reasons. My dog knows exactly how to play the drama. When my mom is around, he will behave like an angel, not touching those forbidden places, but as soon as she's gone he'll switch to a naughty mode and sit where he likes.


Jan 29, 2006
I have never had a dog so I guess I don't know about their toenails, but I can see how it might puncture or dent leather or fabric (assuming it's a large dog).

As for those of you who are somehow able to keep your cats only on selective furniture or none at all, I commend you because there is no way amount of water-squirting that would discipline my cat!