Pencil vs Mini Coin Purse vs Regular Coin Purse

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  1. Ok everyone, it'll be my first Bal accessory. I'm torn between these 3. Which should I get? I definitely want it in sorbet though. :love:I will be using it for cosmetics, keys, travel tissue, hand sanitizer etc.

    Which is better value for money? They are all so cute but kinda expensive for an accessory, what should I do?:confused1:
  2. #2 Feb 19, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
    If you need to put all these things in it then you need the Pencil.

    I have a Coin Purse and a Pencil and I love them both plus I plan to get a mini as well but the Pencil is just the perfect accessory for make-up and bits and pieces imo.

    While the Coin Purse does fit a lot it is flat. The Pencil is not and so it will fit a whole lot more.

    Have you checked the Pencil + CP threads in the Balenciaga Clubhouse; there are a lots of pics to give you an idea as to how much they hold.
  3. It sounds like you need two coin purses!
  4. I think the Pencil would be large enough to fit all your items w/o being too overwhelmingly large. The Mini-coin is perfect for club cards, coupons, and business cards.
  5. It sounds like the mini might be too small. The Coin Purse is a great size, but it can look strange if you put a lot of things in it because the center will bulge out and get really stiff. I'd go with the Pencil! You can find the Coin Purse and Pencil for around the same price so the Pencil's a better deal in terms of volume.

    Here's a Sorbet Pencil:
  6. woah! you gals are great! sounds like it's gonna be a pencil. Hmm.. but i'm so in :heart: with the mini. it's so cute! but i guess i won't get a lot of wear out of it?

    Jira>> ooh! that one on hgbags is so tempting!

    Hmm.. don't you gals find it way expensive for an accessory? Also, is the pencil really bulky? would it take up alot of space in the City?
  7. The Pencil is not bulky imo. A few weeks ago I was trying to make a decision between a Pencil and a MU and I decided the MU would definitely take up too much space in my City.
    The Pencil is perfect, it's not that big ;)

    And I agree with you that the mini is so cute but it really only holds credit cards etc.
  8. Is the leather on sorbets in general distressed? Does anyone know?
  9. Someone bought the pencil b4 i even saw it! :sad:

  10. Oh, not.:P Accessories are as important too. For your needs, Pencil is more useful.
  11. The mini mini is good for CC or I actually have my digital camera in there. I would go with the pencil.
  12. Go for the Pencil it should hold everything you have. I have it and love it!
  13. ITA with others here, sounds like you need a Pencil! I use my CPs for small things like lip glosses, gums, tampons etc. I have a Pencil and I use it for a little larger things like make up, medicines, etc. I love that the opening on it is so wide since it also goes down the sides if you know what I mean... My MU is bigger but the opening is more narrow so it's harder to get stuff in and out of it. HTH!
  14. Pencil! But I must say my CP is sooo useful and I can get lots of stuff in it!
  15. I use my CP all the time also for lipstick - gloss and other small things.