Pen or pencil for GM agenda?

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  1. I picked up the inserts for my new agenda ( Veau Mirroir, cyclamen) today but could not make up my mind if I wanted a pen or pencil for it. Any experiences with either?? Could you also let me know what the price of each are, I forgot to ask.:flowers:

    On another note, I had my Kelly with me today, handle wrapped in her Bohu Tohu, and all the SA's loved it!! They were so sweet with their compliments, made me feel really special:heart:
    g3.jpg g4.jpg g5.jpg g6.jpg
  2. Congrats Rose. Very nice!

    My advice for your zip, you should take a pencil. there's my reasons :
    - because the ink in leather can't "deleted".
    - It's not practical to put a ball point because the cap it's not adaptable in the loop.
    You don't need the chain because you can close your agenda so no worries to loose your pen.
    the pencil in silver is around 110 €
  3. Thank you!!!! I was hoping you would respond, your're great! Yes, I will get the pencil:flowers:
  4. I just bought the silver pen for my new Vision II and it was $200 -- they have the smaller size which I'm sure was slightly less for the smaller agenda - not sure if my longer one would fit...
  5. Thanks shoes and costa!

    I am a bit concerned about an ink leak, so I am going to go safe and get the pencil........
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