Pégase rolling suitcase , 50 or 60

  1. Anyone here rolling the 50 or 60 onto the aircraft these days? How do you like it? for packing, etc.
  2. i have the 60 and it's great for a weekend getaway. i usually can fit 2-3 pairs of shoes in addition to 3 prs of jeans and an assortment of tops. i would never check that thing in so whatever is banned these days on the plane, i put it separately in another bag and have that checked in.
  3. I'm getting the 60 as I don't like how small the 50 looks and want to be able to carry as much as I can without checking in my luggage.
  4. yeah.. the 50 looks really small...

    for sure the 60 can be rolled on as carryon though? international flights only - or domestic also?