Pegase 70

  1. Can anyone who has this piece tell me how many days of clothing it will hold?
  2. As you may have knew this, you will have to check-in this largest Pegase 70. Hmm, depends on how you define 'piece'. I would say good 1 week. If not, maybe 5/ 6 days? Now, is that only for clothings? Or with shoes and purses and etc.? HTH.

  3. Thanks Darien for your response. Yes this would be for shoes, maybe one purse and clothing. I was thinking about getting a larger keepall for the shoes and purse so that I can strictly pack my clothing in the Pegase 70.
  4. I used mine last when I went on a week long trip to Barcelona this summer. I packed 3 pairs of shoes, 2 extra bags plus 2 weeks worth of clothing (I'm a serious overpacker), and still had room to spare for all the goodies I bought.